July 25- 27, 2016

Stowe Mountain Lodge

Stowe, Vermont



Stowe Mountain Lodge Picture for Web siteWe hope you will join us for the 2016 CPDA Summer Conference & Annual Meeting at the Stowe Mountain Lodge located in Stowe, Vermont.  The meeting will provide CPDA members an opportunity to hear the latest updates on those high priority issues of importance to their businesses while also offering a relaxed and social setting conducive to catching up with long-time friends in the industry.  The CPDA Summer Conference & Annual Meeting provides an intimate forum for the exchange of information on the current challenges in agricultural production and the opportunities for innovation in agrotechnology to meet these challenges.  The program is geared to provide topical and critical information on issues affecting adjuvant and inert ingredient suppliers, and manufacturers, formulators and distributors of post patent pesticides and other agrotechnology products.


The Conference is expected to provide in-depth assessments of:


  • The dynamics of the current trend of industry consolidation and the “lessons learned” in the aftermath of resulting changes in agriculture across the globe and the manner in which agrotechnology companies are reacting in making strategic business decisions; 
  • The overall strategy EPA adopts when responding to a lawsuit brought against the Agency whether that action is taken by an individual private party or state entity, or by a coalition of aggrieved litigants, the pressures that litigation places on already strained federal agency resources, and how the filing of a lawsuit may or may not impede or initiate regulatory measures commenced by an agency; 
  • The impact that retail consolidation is having on the agricultural community and how this trend across the agrotechnology industry is affecting the cost of farm production inputs and influencing planting decisions made by growers; 
  • How the development of federal agricultural policy will be shaped by political trends and events that will unfold over the coming months with a focus on how politics might influence the next Farm Bill reauthorization such as possible changes in the make-up of crop subsidy and crop insurance programs as well as possible impacts on the U.S. agricultural commodity export markets; 
  • A discussion of the status of implementation of HCS 2012 and the impact of OSHA’s regulation on chemical manufacturers, formulators and distributors in the U.S. and a related update on industry’s request for relief from the need to relabel non-pesticide agrochemical products;
  • The challenges of relabeling inert ingredients in conforming with various regulatory initiatives with case studies of “real world” product examples such as TOFA, DEG, biocides, and crop oils (A follow-on roundtable is planned for the afternoon of July 26 that will include a panel of industry experts who will delve deeper into this topic and provide for a Q & A session for attendees);
  • An in-depth overview of trends in global agricultural production and the state of farm economies and related impacts on the pesticide and agrotechnology industry given by world renown expert Matthew Phillips whose sought-after analyses are valued and respected throughout the industry.