2017 CPDA Summer Conference & Annual Meeting

2017 CPDA Summer Conference & Annual Meeting

We hope you will join us for the 2017 CPDA Summer Conference & Annual Meeting at the Hotel Andra located in Seattle, WA.  The meeting will provide CPDA members with an opportunity to hear the latest updates on high priority issues of great importance to their businesses while also offering a relaxed and social setting conducive to catching up with long-time friends in the industry.  The CPDA Summer Conference & Annual Meeting provides an intimate forum for the exchange of information on the current challenges in agricultural production and the opportunities for innovation in agrotechnology to meet these challenges.  The program is geared to provide topical and critical information on issues affecting adjuvant and inert ingredient suppliers, and manufacturers, formulators and distributors of post patent pesticides and other agrotechnology products.

For an overview of the program, please click here

The Conference speakers program will address topics such as:

  • The status of the current regulation of pesticides and adjuvants in the state of Washington from the perspective of a state regulator with authority over pesticide and agrotechnology product licensing approval (this topic will also be the subject of an in-depth roundtable discussion on the afternoon of July 18th);
  • The unique challenges and opportunities facing millennials who are contemplating a career in agriculture or agribusiness with a look at the financial hurdles young people must overcome so that they have greater access to the loans and capital necessary to successfully launch and sustain a career in farming; how the use of social media by young people in farming will enhance their ability to more closely connect with a customer base not only locally but across the globe; and how the growing “farm-to-table” movement promises to shape the way millennials view their role in helping to feed a hungry world (this topic will also be the subject of an in-depth roundtable discussion on the afternoon of July 18th);
  • What companies can do to retain the knowledge and expertise of key staff and develop an effective “succession plan” that seeks to ensure the transfer of institutional knowledge from senior management to the next generation of corporate leadership so as to prevent the loss of long-term investments in human capital and training in the face of personnel changes brought about by job mobility, staff retirements, company mergers, and/or internal corporate reorganizations;
  • Consolidation trends within the agrochemicals industry with an overview of how mergers and acquisitions in this sector are driven by companies seeking to achieve greater economies of scale in a fiercely competitive market, secure an edge in integrating new product lines and markets that fit well with their existing core business, maximize returns on investment, and/or free up the flow of capital;
  • Considerations such as the potential for the development of weed resistance and the likelihood of spray drift in the selection of tank-mix adjuvants for use in pesticide formulations intended for application on genetically modified stacked trait crops.
  • An in-depth overview of trends in global agricultural production and the state of farm economies and related impacts on the pesticide and agrotechnology industry given by world renown expert Matthew Phillips whose sought-after analyses are valued and respected throughout the industry.

Spouse & Guest Program (Filled, No additional admittance):

The CPDA Summer Conference & Annual Meeting offers a special program just for spouses filled with fun and relaxing things to see and do in Seattle.  An overview of the Program can be viewed here

CPDA-PAC Silent Auction and Reception: (offsite at 5th & Lenora Ballroom)

The CPDA-PAC Silent Auction and Reception will be held the evening of Tuesday, July 18th in conjunction with the CPDA Banquet.  Each year the Silent Auction depends on the generous donations of CPDA Members and we are asking members to donate items to be auctioned off. In the past popular auction items have included gift cards, vacation home stays, hunting and fishing trips, wine, cameras, and jewelry.  These are simply ideas — any gift contribution will find an avid bidder.  Details on the CPDA-PAC Silent Auction will be available very shortly.

Banquet Dinner (offsite at the 5th & Lenora Ballroom):

Just following the CPDA-PAC Silent Auction will be the annual Banquet & Dinner.  An overview of the program agenda can be viewed here.

Hotel Info:

The Hotel Andra is a luxury boutique hotel located in downtown Seattle within walking distance of the Pike Place Market, the Seattle Center, and the Space Needle.  This beautiful and eclectic stylish hotel reflects Seattle’s unique blend of its Pacific Northwest and Nordic heritage with a simple, minimalist Scandinavian inspired design.

There will be NO on-site registrations taken for this conference.