CPDA - Advocating for more than 25 years

The Council of Producers & Distributors of Agrotechnology is the premier advocate for agricultural adjuvant and inert ingredient suppliers.  CPDA also provides legislative and regulatory support to formulators, distributors and manufacturers of post patent pesticide products and biorationals.

CPDA members produce and sell tank-mix adjuvants, inert ingredients, pesticides and other agrotechnology products across the United States and range in size from small businesses to large, publicly traded companies.  Approximately 80% of the inert ingredients used in agricultural production products throughout the U.S. are provided by CPDA members.

Chartered in 1987, CPDA’s priorities and activities continue to be member-driven and focused on the issues that impact their operations.  Through representation on CPDA’s Board of Directors, large and small companies share an equal voice in the development of positions, strategies and priorities adopted by the Council.

With CPDA certified adjuvant product, purchasers have the assurance that the product meets the functionality claims indicated on the label according to a specified, uniform set of standards, and that ingredients used in the product meet EPA regulations for approved ingredients for use in pesticide tank mixes. The ASTM International standards E1519 and E609, and definitions, provide the structure for ensuring an adjuvant product is of the highest level of product quality and reliability.  Pesticide registrants and users will have the assurance that the product will meet its performance claims and that all product labeling guidelines have been followed. For more Click Here


The feature guest speaker is Dr. Rich Zollinger who spent most of his career at North Dakota State University (NDSU) researching adjuvants and training the industry on how to effectively use adjuvant products. Rich recently retired from NDSU and joined AMVAC Corporation. He has agreed to share his experience and  the pesticide manufacturer industry perspective on the use of adjuvants.

Rebecca Peters (Precision Laboratories, LLC), Chair of the CPDA Adjuvant Committee, will be featured during the webinar to discuss the process of getting adjuvants certified.

Joe Gednalske, CPDA Manager of Membership and Value Promotion, will provide an overview of the association’s continued plans to promote the Adjuvant Certification Program.  Joe will also discuss CPDA’s efforts with the basic and generic suppliers to recommend CPDA Certified Adjuvants.