Questions: CPDA Application Technology Panel

This panel will take place during the Adjuvant University session of the CPDA Adjuvant, Inert and Crop Protection Conference in Louisville KY on May 1 from 3:45 – 4:15pm.
We are asking for your help so panel contributors can properly prepare. Kindly share any topics or specific questions you would like the panel to discuss in advance.

CPDA Adjuvant University – “A New ERA of Agrotechnology”

Future Trends in Application Technology

Program Moderator: John Hemminghaus, Commercial Development Manager, Ethox Chemicals


Dr. Greg Lindner, Technology Manager, CRODA

Dr. Jennifer Ralston, NA Soybean Strategy Lead, Bayer Crop Science

Dr. Jesaelen G Moraes, Application Technology Lead, Blue River Technology

Dr. Ryan Rector, Crop Protection Manager, Adjuvants Unlimited