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The Council of Producers & Distributors of Agrotechnology is the premier advocate for agricultural adjuvant and inert ingredient suppliers.  CPDA also provides legislative and regulatory support to formulators, distributors and manufacturers of post patent pesticide products and biorationals.

CPDA members produce and sell tank-mix adjuvants, inert ingredients, pesticides and other agrotechnology products across the United States and range in size from small businesses to large, publicly traded companies.  Approximately 80% of the inert ingredients used in agricultural production products throughout the U.S. are provided by CPDA members.

Chartered in 1987, CPDA’s priorities and activities continue to be member-driven and focused on the issues that impact their operations.  Through representation on CPDA’s Board of Directors, large and small companies share an equal voice in the development of positions, strategies and priorities adopted by the Council.

Benefits of CPDA Membership

CPDA advocates for its members on federal and state issues concerning agrotechnology products. Through its strong working relationships with OSHA, EPA and state regulatory agencies, CPDA addresses regulatory issues and works with these agencies to improve and advance industry policies.

The CPDA community is a nationwide network of inert manufacturers, adjuvant formulators, distributors and retailers and other crop protection companies dedicated to industry advocacy and education.

CPDA provides educational programs to promote awareness of the importance of adjuvant usage in crop protection systems to members, regulators, academics, growers and consumers. Members continue to enhance their knowledge through conferences, workshops, training seminars and collaboration.

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