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For more than thirty years, the Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology, commonly known as CPDA, has been recognized as the premier advocate for formulators, distributors and manufacturers of agrotechnology in the United States. The CPDA community is a nationwide network of basic inert manufacturers, adjuvant formulators, distributors and retailers, including crop protection product marketing companies and affiliates dedicated to addressing regulatory issues and advocating for the industry at the federal and state level. 80% of CPDA membership currently represents 80% of U.S. inert ingredients used in adjuvants and crop protection products. Members continue to enhance their knowledge through conferences, workshops, training seminars and collaboration.

Today, our industry is faced with ever-changing policies and information about products and technologies that are developed to enhance the performance of crop protection products and biorationals. Through its strong working relationships with OSHA, EPA and state regulatory agencies, CPDA strives to educate members, regulators, academics and consumers about this critical sector of agriculture.

To encourage product stewardship, the CPDA Adjuvant Certification Program was developed to ensure growers that certified products meet the claims indicated on the label, and the ingredients used in the product meet EPA regulations for crop protection tank-mix partners. Certified products must meet a uniform set of standards, including 17 benchmarks that have been established in accordance with ASTM International Standards. Today, there are more than 180 CPDA certified adjuvant products and 480 EPA registered crop protection products recommending the use of CPDA Certified Adjuvants.

CPDA promotes proper adjuvant use through the Application Enhancement Program. When it comes to crop protection applications, minimizing off-target drift and maximizing control is top of mind. The Application Enhancement Program helps growers and applicators right size spray droplets for herbicide, insecticide and fungicide applications.

Chartered in 1987, CPDA’s priorities and activities continue to be member-driven and focused on the issues that impact their operations.  Through representation on CPDA’s Board of Directors, large and small companies share an equal voice in the development of positions, strategies and priorities adopted by the Council.