CPDA announcing the new Adjuvant Certified Products website that supports adjuvant selection and promotion.

CPDA is pleased to announce the major change to CPDA Certified Adjuvants web site that provides detailed information to supporting information for the selection and promotion for the CPDA registered adjuvants.   In all, over 170 CPDA certified adjuvants products from more than 25 companies are displayed on the newly restructured web page.  

Adjuvant Certified Products Sorting and Filtering Feature Added to CPDA Website

It is a new feature available for on the CPDA website (CPDA.com).  This new feature provides multi-functional sorting and filtering capabilities of CPDA certified adjuvant products to support selecting the right adjuvants.  To view the new feature click here or select the CPDA Certified Adjuvant section for the CPDA certified adjuvant product list.

CPDA certified adjuvant products may now be sorted or filtered by product brand name, product registrant company name, and/or category descriptors.  For category descriptors, CPDA used definitions based on the ASTM International terminology provided in the link appearing on the webpage.  Linked to each product name is the product label which provides simplified access to additional information such as additional function claims, directions for use, and storage and disposal, etc.  A webpage link is included to access Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all CPDA certified products.

The CPDA certified adjuvants product list also includes the identity of certified products that are on the Corteva Agriscience approved list of products for tank-mix use with Enlist One or Enlist Duo herbicides.

The multitude of adjuvants in the market today makes it a challenge to select the right adjuvant products to use with herbicides as well as insecticides and fungicides to maximize efficacy.  The new format provides visitors a tool in identifying CPDA certified adjuvant product options that meet specific needs and/or in finding product(s) offered by a company. 

The CPDA Adjuvant Certification Program brings to the adjuvant market a level of consistency in product performance for adjuvants used with agricultural pesticide formulations.  The certified products must meet 17 separate benchmarks that are based on technologically and scientifically derived definitions and standards adopted by the American Society for Testing and Materials to be approved by the CPDA peer review committee.

For information about the CPDA Adjuvant Certification Program, or to submit a product application click here.

Gary Halvorson, President

CPDA, Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology