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The first round of testing for Application Enhancement Certification begins on January 15th, 2023.

What is AE Certification?

The Application Enhancement Certification program is the industry’s first, performance-based, adjuvant certification program. This certification program recognizes that drift control without biological efficacy is not a successful application and is designed to provide a more complete picture of the likely outcome of the application. This is achieved by highlighting the positive interactions between pesticide formulation type, various nozzle designs and adjuvant selection. The information provided through this program will provide applicators with an easy to understand visual of how to best manage nozzle and adjuvant selection based on the formulation type of the pesticide to be applied.

The AE Certification is yet another way for applicants to independently validate and differentiate their adjuvant technologies while providing much needed stewardship and guidance to applicators.


All CPDA Certified Adjuvants are eligible for AE Certification.


Starting December 15th, applications may be submitted for Application Enhancement Certification or “AE Certification” testing. 

All submission forms and samples need to be received by January 15th, 2023, to be included in the first round of testing.

Program details and submission forms

All this information and more is available on-line.       

Go to to learn more about CPDA’s AE Certification Program

Or contact Carrie Haakana at or Chrissy Whitcomb at

Adjuvant products submitted for AE Certification must already be CPDA Certified Adjuvants.