Slide 2021 CPDA ANNUAL MEETING Virtual Meeting - September 28, 12pm - 2:30 (CDT) View the video of CPDA's Annual Meeting

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Tuesday, September 28   (VIRTUAL MEETING)

Location:                           GoToMeeting, get access link here 

Attendance Type:            VIRTUAL

1:00pm  – 3:30pm           Eastern Time

ANNUAL MEETING AGENDA – click here for PDF Version

Eastern Times

Eastern Times:

 1:00pm – 1:10pm        1.   WELCOME ALL

                                          New members welcome

                                          Antitrust Statement

                                          Gary Halvorson, CPDA President

 1:10pm – 1:30pm        2.   CPDA Board of Directors  

                                           Past year Success Growing Benefits of CPDA Membership

                                          Arthur Bass, Past Chair, CPDA Board of Directors, Chemorse

                                          Future goals

                                          Tim Dlabaj, New Chair, Board of Directors, Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC                                                                                                                       

1:30pm – 1:40pm        3.   CPDA Rebranding Update

                                           Brad Swillen, Ethox Chemical

1:40pm – 1:50pm        4.   CLA-CPDA Collaboration and 2022 Joint Annual Meeting

Kellie Bray, Chief of Staff, CLA

2022 CLA and CPDA Joint Annual Meeting

September 26-28, 2022 in San Antonio, TX   


Committee and Working Group Reports

 1:50pm – 1:55pm        5.   Washington State, Oregon, and Idaho Adjuvant topics Working Group –  Adjuvant Registration

                                               Gary Halvorson, CPDA

1:55pm – 2:00pm        6.   California State Working Group- Agricultural Adjuvants

                                               Robert Ehn, R3 Ag Consulting, LLC           

2:00pm – 2:05pm        7.   CPDA Adjuvant Certification Update

                                             Bruce Bollinger, CPDA ACP Program Manager

2:05pm – 2:15pm        8.  Webinar success, Upcoming CPDA Webinar and  Promotion Plans

                                           Joe Gednalske, CPDA Technical and educational program  

2:15pm – 2:25pm        9.   Update committee membership & current activities

                                            Carrie Haakana, CPDA

Other Business

2:25 – 2:35pm             10.  Financial Update

                                             David Bower, CPDA Treasurer, Brandt Consolidated    

 2:35 – 2:45pm             11.  CPDA 2020 Recognition Awards

                                            Gary Halvorson, CPDA President


Industry Presentations

2:45 – 3:05pm             12.   Bad Weather, Smart Chemists & Tax Policy Driving Changes in Raw   Material Markets

                                                Kevin Crosby, CPDA Co-Chair Joint Inert Steering Committee,

                                                Adjuvants Unlimited


3:05 – 3:30pm             13.  Chemical & Agricultural Industry Supply Chain Challenges

Eric R. Byer, President & CEO, National Association of Chemical Distributors


            3:30pm            14.  Upcoming announcements and Annual Meeting Closing

                                            Gary Halvorson, CPDA President

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