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Slide MAY 1 - 3, 2023 LOUISVILLE cpda 2023 adjuvants, inerts & cROP PROTECTION conference

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Please join CPDA in Louisville as the Kentucky “Derby Week” kicks-off the start of the 2023 AICP conference. Following last year’s success in Nashville, the CPDA 2023 Adjuvants, Inerts and Crop Protection Conference continues to be a key industry networking event.

The program will provide actionable insights for industry leaders to make better, more informed decisions that reduce risk and optimize resources in order to maximize success in the crop protection and adjuvant market. 

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  • CPDA Adjuvant University

  • Industry Executive Leadership Panel

  • Legislative Panel 

  • See Agenda here


CPDA Members are a nationwide network of inert manufacturers, adjuvant formulators, post-patent crop protection product manufacturers, distributors,  ag retailers, and others  dedicated to industry advocacy and education.  The conference is OPEN to all members and non-member companies, including government and academia.  CPDA welcomes and looks forward to seeing you in Louisville!

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Conference Dates:

May 1-3, 2023

Conference Location:

Marriott Louisville Downtown

280 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY 

Hotel Phone: (502) 627-5045

The Marriott is now booked full for this event.
While conference registrations still open,
you will need to find accommodations elsewhere.