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CPDA Adjuvant Certification Program


Ensures the Integrity of Adjuvants


The CPDA Adjuvant Certification Program was developed to support product functionality claims, establish minimum guidelines for good product stewardship, and to provide users with valuable information allowing them to make better informed choices of products. CPDA Adjuvant Certification assures growers that products meet the claims indicated on the label according to a uniform set of standards, and that ingredients used in the product meet EPA regulations for pesticide tank-mix partners.

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CPDA Application Enhancement Program


In collaboration with Dr. Greg Kruger of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Dr. Bradley K. Fritz of USDA’s ARS, CPDA has developed its new Application Enhancement Certification Program which will provide users with more information leading to a successful pesticide application.


  • The program is built on the premise that spray quality and efficacy are affected when different adjuvant/herbicide combinations are applied using a variety of nozzle types. 
  • Products seeking certification will be evaluated by a team of reviewers who will determine whether certain criteria and performance standards are met in order to receive approval.
  • The CPDA Application Enhancement Program will complement the existing CPDA Adjuvant Certification Program.