CPDA Welcomes New Member Aqua Yield

The Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology is very pleased and excited to announce that Aqua Yield has joined CPDA membership.

Aqua-Yield® is an award winning nanoliquid company founded by growers, for growers. Our goal is to help provide the tools growers need to be successful through the use of revolutionary nanoliquid technology.  Whatever you grow, our nanoliquid technology will improve your program’s performance. Aqua-Yield® nanoliquid technology works as a delivery system for crop inputs. While most nutrients enter the plant cell wall through diffusion, the nanoliquid particle will load the molecules and then bulk transport them through the wall by endocystosis.  Low use rates (2-6 oz/ac), clean on equipment and the environment, highly compatible with liquid inputs, and easy to use are some of the many proven benefits that come with using Aqua-Yield® nanoliquid technology.  To learn more, visit www.aquayield.com.