CPDA welcomes new member Corbet Scientific!

The Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology is very pleased and excited to announce that Corbet Scientific has joined CPDA membership. 

Corbet Scientific LLC is headquartered in Jackson, WY.   Corbet Scientific develops and manufactures innovative eco-friendly agrochemicals for enhancing crop production. Manufactured in the USA, their first product to market Hydrovant is a water-based polymer solution with unique activator and super sticker properties never seen before in an adjuvant. This technology advancement enhances efficacy by ensuring that pesticides stick around long enough to do their job, but don’t burn, damage, or suffocate your crops.  CPDA’s primary contact at Corbet Scientific is Tom Zangrillo,  Vice President, Corbet Scientific. To learn more about Corbet Scientific please visit corbetscientific.com, or contact Tom Zangrillo at tzangrillo@corbetscientific.com or (914) 490-3004.