EPA has updated its web site with the forms and information necessary for payment of annual maintenance fees under FIFRA which are due on January 15, 2021. All active or suspended product registrations in effect as of October 1, 2020 are subject to annual maintenance fees for FY 2021. The fee is $4,000 for each registration up to the maximum small or large business fee cap as established by PRIA 4. Certain companies meeting the definition of a small business under FIFRA may be eligible for a 25% reduction in the fee for the first registered product. FIFRA also allows for reduced or waived fees for minor agricultural use registrations and fee waivers for public health pesticides. The maintenance fee requirement does not apply to supplemental distributor registrations which are identified by a three-element registration number in which the EPA company number is the third element.

EPA states that its offices remain closed due to Covid-19 and that staff are teleworking. As such, unlike previous years, maintenance fee information will not be mailed to registrants. Instead, the Agency has posted to its web site printouts, grouped by company number, listing all active or suspended registrations under either FIFRA Section 3 or Section 24(c) shown in EPA’s records as being registered on or before October 1, 2020. In addition, the maintenance fee instructions, the Pesticide Registration Maintenance Fee Filing Form, and maintenance fee tables are available on EPA’s web site for downloading.

The Agency reminds registrants that payment of maintenance fees must be done online and that checks, bank drafts, and money orders have not been an acceptable form of payment for several years. EPA adds that this year, due to the pandemic, EPA staff will not be available to receive “paper” forms of payment even in special circumstances. The Pesticide Registration Maintenance Fee Filing Form and supporting documents should be emailed to maintfee@epa.gov. Registrants may also direct any questions they have on maintenance fees to this email address. The information on maintenance fees including forms, fee tables, and 2021 Pesticide Maintenance Fee Product List by company number may be accessed on EPA’s web site by clicking here.