CPDA Application Enhancement Certification Program

CPDA Application Enhancement Certification Program (AECP) begins with product wind tunnel testing provided through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory, located at the West Central Research, Education and Extension Center in North Platte. 

How to apply:

  1. Download Product Submission Form here
  2. Follow the instructions on the form. Complete and sign as it will be attached to your online application (next step).
    • Note:  The Product Submission form is also a commitment to pay UNL for testing services. 
  1. Complete the Online Application here and upload the Product Submission Form as instructed within the application.

Once Wind Tunnel Testing is Complete:

  • UNL will provide a report of the results and payment is to be made for the testing services direct to UNL.

Obtaining CPDA Application Enhancement Certification for the product:

  • Notification will be sent for your approval and acceptance to include the product in the CPDA Application Enhancement Certification Program. 
  • Once accepted, a Certification Logo and QR code will be provided for placement on the product’s label. 
  • CPDA will invoice for Certification Fees (info here) & provide licensing documentation for signature.

CPDA Application Enhancement Certification Product Listing

  • Certified products along with the product’s Droplet Spectra Matrix will be accessible at (here) or by scanning the supplied QR code.