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CPDA 2019 Adjuvants & Inerts Conference 

“Developing Trends and Emerging Needs of the Agrotechnology Industry”

April 29 – May 1, 2019

Denver, CO


Denver Grand Hyatt Hotel

The CPDA 2019 Adjuvants & Inerts Conference was held April 29-May 1 at the Grand Hyatt Denver located in Denver, Colorado. The Conference began with an Opening Reception at the hotel the evening of April 29th, then it continued with a day-long speakers program on April 30th, the Networking Reception that evening, and concluding on May 1st following a morning speakers session.

This year’s conference is built around the theme of “Developing Trends and Emerging Needs of the Agrotechnology Industry.”



Day One of the Speakers Program (April 30th)

The key note address of the Adjuvants & Inerts Conference will be given on April 30th by Dr. Terry Barr of CoBank who will offer his perspective on the state of the farm economy and share his predictions on the credit outlook for farmers as they prepare to buy seed and other production inputs for the 2019 growing season. Dr. Barr is a nationally recognized agricultural economist who has published numerous articles on key factors that impact the strength of the U.S. farm economy.

On the afternoon of April 30th, the program will feature Mike Frank, President and CEO of Nutrien Ag Solutions, who will offer his observations on the farm economy and its impact on agricultural lending, the ramifications for agriculture of U.S. trade relations with China and related tariff wars, the acceleration of corporate consolidation and its effect on the agricultural industry, and the integration of digital commerce as a key component of industry sales and marketing strategies.

Day One of the speakers program will also include an overview of the ramifications of glyphosate resistance in Brazil and how this problem has impacted application technologies and the agrochemicals market in that country with a presentation by Dr. Ulisses Antuniassi, Professor at the Department of Rural Engineering in the prestigious São Paulo State University (UNESP – Brazil).

Other presentations you will hear on the first day of the speakers program include:

    • An Update on the Ongoing Shortage of BIT
    • Changes in California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation Adjuvant Registration Policies and Procedures
    • Research and New Developments in Adjuvants
    • The Benefits of Adjuvants when Herbicide Efficacy is Challenged
    • Post Patent Agrochemical Formulation Overview and Trends
    • An Overview of Patents Relating to New Application Technologies

Day Two of the Speakers Program (May 1st)

On the second day of the speakers program, attendees will have the opportunity to choose from one of two sessions (Session A and Session B) which will run concurrently in adjacent rooms at the hotel. Each of these sessions will have a broad topic or theme within which will be several presentations specific to that overall theme.

Session A will address “The Overall Improvement of Spray Quality and New Spray Technologies” and will include presentations on advancements in the development of new nozzle types, a comparison of agricultural spray measurement techniques, and effective application technology for maximum deposition and coverage.

Session B will focus on “Biologicals – Future Trends and Challenges” and will include a discussion of challenges in registering these products, biological needs and developments in pesticides and plant health,  the use of soil surfactants in maximizing water application and plant health, and the challenges and opportunities for plant growth regulators and biostimulants.

The CPDA Adjuvants & Inerts Conference speakers program promises to be informative, comprehensive and educational.



The CPDA Adjuvants & Inerts Conference offers ample networking opportunities for attendees with the inclusion of two receptions. Each of these events offers conference attendees the chance to network with familiar faces and to establish new business contacts within a casual setting. The first of these gatherings is the Opening Reception that will be held the evening of April 29 at the Grand Hyatt Denver marking the official start of the meeting. The Opening Reception is being generously co-sponsored by Chemorse, Huntsman Performance Products, and Stepan Company.

The second of these is the Networking Reception scheduled for the evening of April 30th. This year’s Networking Reception is graciously co-sponsored by Oxiteno and Helena Agri-Enterprises and will take place at the Wynkoop Brewery Company located less than a mile from the hotel in close proximity to a number of restaurants in downtown Denver. The brewery describes itself as “Colorado’s First Brewpub, home to tastemakers and rulebreakers, bushwhackers and envelope pushers” and emphasizes that for almost three decades, it has been brewing handcrafted beer in its “modest basement brewery underneath Denver’s largest pool hall.” The brewery adds, “…Over the years our neighborhood has transformed and Colorado’s craft beer industry has exploded. And Wynkoop is still here, serving cold beer to warm friends.”

Conference Attendees Will Have the Unique Opportunity to Tour the Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory at the West Central Research and Extension Center

Dr. Greg Kruger, who is the Associate Professor in the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has invited conference attendees to take a tour of the Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory at the West Central Research and Extension Center in North Platte, Nebraska. The research conducted there by Dr. Kruger and his colleagues focuses on maximizing pesticide application efficacy by utilizing different nozzle types, spray solutions, and pressure and sprayer modifications in seeking a better understanding of how best to improve application practices and minimize unintended drift. More information on the activities of the lab are available on its web site which may be accessed by clicking here.

The tour of the lab facility is scheduled for Thursday, May 2nd from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon. Please note that North Platte is easily accessible from Denver by car, being just a four hour drive away, and is also serviced by two non-stop daily flights from Denver into North Platte Regional Airport. Dr. Kruger has graciously offered to arrange shuttle service from the airport to his lab facilities depending on the number of individuals who will be flying in. Information on where to stay while in North Platte will be announced shortly.

Thank You to this Year’s Sponsors!


CPDA extends its thanks and gratitude to the companies shown here that have demonstrated their generosity by committing to sponsor the 2019 CPDA Adjuvants & Inerts Conference!  Please be sure to say hello when you see representatives from these sponsoring companies at the conference.


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The CPDA Adjuvants & Inerts Conference offers sponsorship opportunities at four different levels (Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver) as shown below:

    • Diamond – $5000+
    • Platinum – $3000+
    • Gold – $2000+
    • Silver – $1000+

Sponsorships are an excellent way to raise the visibility of your company at the conference and to demonstrate your support of CPDA as we strive to improve and enhance the quality of our meetings so that they provide even greater value to our members.

Please join us in extending our gratitude of thanks and appreciation to the sponsors of this year’s 2019 CPDA Adjuvants & Inerts Conference!


The Grand Hyatt Denver is conveniently located at 1750 Welton Street in downtown Denver. CPDA negotiated a special conference rate for rooms.   You may still make your hotel reservation for the conference upon current availability and rates.


Online registration for the 2019 CPDA Adjuvants & Inerts Conference is closed but you may register offline by using the registration form here. Please complete the form and bring it with you, along with your payment.  Onsite registration is accepted, but will incur a $100 processing fee.


Should you have any questions please contact CPDA’s offices at (202) 386-7407. We thank you for attending the 2019 Adjuvants & Inerts Conference in Denver, Colorado!