CPDA Webinar “Optimizing Glyphosate Performance in 2022”

CPDA is pleased to present the upcoming webinar on November 23rd, 2021, 11am – 12pm (CST).

In 2022, we may have the potential for supply shortages of one of the most important crop protection products in US agriculture, Glyphosate. However, we have already seen Glyphosate’s cost rise considerably from past years. Therefore, optimizing every ounce of glyphosate is in everyone’s best interest! In this webinar we will discuss the importance of adjuvant systems and application methods for optimizing Glyphosate performance.

The webinar will feature special guests, Dr. Rich Zollinger (former NDSU), Dr. Zollinger spent most of his career at North Dakota State University “NDSU” researching adjuvants and training the industry on how to effectively use adjuvant products, and Dr. Greg Kruger, BASF (Former UNL). Dr. Kruger is a lead expert in spray application technology, pesticide drift, maximizing efficiency and efficacy of pesticide applications, and the interactions between pest management strategies. Joe Gednalske, CPDA Manager, will also be joining the presentation as a moderator and speaker.