CPDA WEBINAR – “The Value of Adjuvants with Fungicides”

Join CPDA on June 9th, 2020 at 1PM CDT

The Value of Adjuvants with Fungicides

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You are invited to join us for a CPDA webinar presentation on “THE VALUE OF ADJUVANTS WITH FUNGICIDES” featuring:

  • Joe Gednalske, CPDA Manager of Membership and Value Promotion, and guest speaker,
  • Steve Roehl, Agriculture Strategy Manager at Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative

Fungicides are an important tool in U.S. crop production.  The increase in resistance poses a threat.  The development of new active ingredients, lower cost generic product options, and the benefits of improved plant health have contributed to an increase in the use of fungicides on a variety of crops. The upcoming CPDA webinar will examine how adjuvants can provide improved canopy penetration to facilitate the uptake of systemic fungicides and  coverage for both systemic and contact fungicides. Examples of how adjuvants and fungicides can work in tandem in providing enhanced plant protection and production benefits will be illustrated with case studies of both ground and air applications.

Joe Gednalske, CPDA Manager of Membership and Value Promotion is a leading national expert on the use of agricultural tank mix adjuvants and has been assisting CPDA in raising the visibility of its flagship Adjuvant Certification Program and promoting the benefits of adjuvants in agricultural production.

Co-presenting will be guest speaker Steve Roehl – Agriculture Strategy Manager at Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative.  Steve has an M.S. degree in Weed Science from NDSU and more than 27 years of experience in research agronomy, sugarbeet production, adjuvants, and fertilizers. In the sugarbeet industry loss of pathogen sensitivity to fungicide active ingredients has been a major driver to pursue adjuvant-based products. Steve’s portion of the presentation will focus on the value that adjuvants and adjuvant systems provide when tank mixed with fungicides for sugar beets. Steve will discuss the role of certain adjuvants in minimizing the development of fungal plant pathogen resistance to current fungicides.

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