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Becoming a CPDA member brings significant benefits to your company or association.
Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect once you become a CPDA member.


CPDA is an advocacy organization. We are your eyes and ears in Washington DC and in state Capitols. CPDA’s team of experienced legislative and regulatory experts will fight on your behalf to protect your interests and freedom to operate. A CPDA membership will give your company the edge you need to be able to respond and act on the issues that impact your business the most.

With a CPDA membership your voice is amplified with other like-minded businesses. As a result, when CPDA speaks on your behalf, your lawmakers listen. This also gives you access to lawmakers and elected officials through CPDA’s member-only meetings, like our Washington DC Fly-In.


Joining CPDA brings you into a community of like-minded companies. Meet new people, gather market intelligence, broaden your industry knowledge, learn the latest about legislative and regulatory policies and where you and your employees can grow personally and professionally.

Our annual Adjuvants, Inerts & Crop Protection Conference has become our industry’s “can’t miss” event where there are ample opportunities to reconnect with old friends while making new ones. This year’s event in Louisville attracted a record 300+ people. 


CPDA’s webinars help train your staff on the latest technological innovations and information that affect your business. These webinars are joint efforts between CPDA and the Agricultural Retailers Association. Working together, we have created a series of webinars to keep your team of professionals informed and educated. Here’s a list of just a few of these webinars:

 Correcting Compatibility Problems with Adjuvants;  Using Drift and Deposition Aids to Protect your Chemical Investment; and  Using Surfactants, Stickers and Silicones to Protect your Chemical Investment.

On top of that, during the CPDA Adjuvants, Inerts & Crop Protection Conference, we also hold an “Adjuvant University” which is designed to educate your technical staff on the latest adjuvant developments and breakthroughs.


CPDA members receive our bi-weekly “News and Notes,” which contains the latest information on developing issues, policy analysis and current events. News & Notes gives you the information you need to stay on top of today’s constantly shifting political environment.

Bottom line…It pays to be a CPDA Member!

For more information regarding CPDA Membership contact us at (202) 386-7407, or email: