Post-Patent Manufacturer Member

CPDA Membership Application

Should you have any question please contact Carrie Haakana at chaakana@cpda.com – (202) 531-2232 or Terry Kippley at tkippley@cpda.com

Membership Dues: Non-Proprietary/Post-Patent Manufacturer - Manufacturer or sales of non-proprietary ingredient herbicides, insecticides, and/or fungicides. CPDA dues are based on company net sales of these agricultural products (U.S. sales only). Information regarding Membership Dues is confidential and used only for the purpose of calculating membership dues. New Membership period is effective through year-end 2022 and prorated based on application date. Please check a category below that represents your company's most recent year-end U.S. net sales.
Please email this completed application to: Terry Kippley, CPDA President at tkippley@cpda.com, or Carrie Haakana at chaakana@cpda.com. Should you have any questions, please call Carrie at (202) 531‐2232 or Terry at (630) 544‐9677. Thank you for your support of CPDA! Terry Kippley, CPDA President