By Sonja Begemann, AgPro, October 1, 2020

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BASF and Bayer are each creating a new tank-mix partner for their dicamba products. Both company tank mixes focus on reducing volatility. These products will need EPA approval.

“We’re waiting for registration [for over-the-top dicamba] by the EPA, and we anticipate that they will require a buffering agent to be used in tank mixes,” says Tracy Rowlandson, BASF technical marketing manager. “So, if that happens Sentris will be available as a tank mix adjuvant.”

BASF’s new product, upon EPA approval, will be considered a buffering agent. It works in the mix to stabilize the pH of the dicamba product to help keep it above a pH of 5. If you can keep dicamba in an ion form, not acid form, it’s less susceptible to volatilization.

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